Our competencies

Every succession planning solution is different. Corporate structure, company size, sector affiliation and the personal situation of the entrepreneur are all variable factors. In order to synchronize these versatile and complex situations, adopting a coordinated approach and involving specialists is common sense.

UBS can support you with the following aspects:

Participation in the preparation and assessment of succession options

Your client advisor will provide you with reliable and competent advice. Based on your values and personal plans for the future, they will discuss ownership strategy with you with the utmost confidence. They can offer an impartial outsider's perspective, guide you through all possible solutions and help you to choose the best option.

The most common succession options are:

Succession planning managed from a single source

Regardless of the succession solution you choose, we will be happy to coordinate the succession planning process for you. In close coordination with you and depending on the situation and degree of complexity, we will call upon a network of internal and external specialists. These specialists ensure that all your individual requests are fully taken into consideration and treated with the appropriate level of discretion.

Support with the valuation and sale of companies

Our company sales specialists will be happy to support you with the planning and coordination of the optimal sale, with the drawing up of the professional sales documentation and with the identification of the best possible buyer. They will also be on hand to calculate the company value, prepare and coordinate the due diligence process, and assist you with all contractual negotiations up to the successful completion of the transaction. Our experience as a leading sales advisor for SMEs in Switzerland and our national and international network form an ideal basis for an optimal entrepreneurial solution and an attractive sale price.

Support with questions on Swiss tax law, and property and inheritance law

Passing on your company will result in a new asset situation. On the basis of this change, we show you how you can improve your after-tax returns over the long term. Our goal is to optimize the structure of your assets from the tax perspective.
Family circumstances often give rise to various questions in terms of property and inheritance law. Against this background, company succession can also result in a new situation and make it necessary to review and revise existing arrangements.

Individual financial, investment and pension planning

Company succession often gives rise to new financial possibilities and challenges. On the basis of a comprehensive analysis of your financial situation and your future intentions, our experts can show you with the aid of an individual financial plan how your assets can develop in the longer term and work out an investment strategy tailored to your needs. This focuses on the long-term protection and optimization of your assets so that you can realize your dreams by enjoying quality of life in retirement or pursuing new interests, for example.