UBS cards meet all your needs, wishes and requirements.

As a UBS client, you always have a strong set of cards. Whether you prefer a customer card, a Maestro Card, a prepaid card or a credit card, you benefit from secure and flexible payment methods and numerous additional services.

Overview of our credit cards – with an attractive bonus program

Standard Credit Card

The classic card: Make payments anywhere in the world flexibly and securely with our Standard Credit Card. Thanks to e-banking and mobile banking, you always have an overview of your finances. The contactless function allows you to pay for purchases even more quickly. In addition, you benefit from our two-card set. Receive the UBS MasterCard Standard and the UBS Visa Card Classic for the price of one. You also participate in the UBS KeyClub program for free, allowing you to collect valuable bonus points.

Gold Credit Card

The luxury card: The Gold Credit Card offers you even more – in addition to the benefits of the Standard Credit Card, you enjoy higher limits and even better insurance benefits. You can also join the Priority Pass program free of charge. Receive the UBS MasterCard Gold and the UBS Visa Card Gold for the price of one. Collect twice as many bonus points with your free participation in the UBS KeyClub program.

Platinum Credit Card

The exclusive card: Enjoy high card limits, exclusive support via the Assistance Center and free access to airport lounges with the Platinum Credit Card. Travel Insurance Plus is included. You can receive up to four cards for the price of one with our flexible card package. In addition to the UBS MasterCard Platinum and UBS Visa Card Platinum, you can also select foreign currency cards. And you collect three times as many points with our UBS KeyClub bonus program.

MasterCard Prepaid

The controlled card: Combine the freedom and comfort of a credit card with the control offered by a prepaid card. Simply load your card via e-banking, the mobile banking app or a paying-in slip. You set your own limit and keep all your spending in check. With the contactless function, you can pay for your purchases even more quickly. And you can make secure and flexible payments anywhere in the world.

Special cards

The special card: For clients with special requirements. Choose between a selection of credit cards for art lovers, cards that support a good cause, cards in a foreign currency and cards for those who only rarely use them. Whatever your special requirement, we have the right special card for you. Enjoy the benefits of a Standard Credit Card as well as additional, individual benefits.

MasterCard Excellence 

The first-class card: The UBS MasterCard Excellence – for our most discerning clients. Enjoy all the advantages offered by a Platinum Credit Card as well as unique additional benefits and elite individual services. The MasterCard Excellence is a limited edition. For more information, please contact your client advisor.


Maestro Card and Customer Card

Maestro Card

The uncomplicated card: The UBS Maestro Card is the key to your bank account. With it, you can withdraw cash at any time and from anywhere in the world. In Switzerland, you can withdraw cash at all bank ATMs. You can also use your Maestro card to obtain your account information quickly and conveniently at a UBS Bancomat. Banking transactions can be executed simply and conveniently at a UBS Multimat.

Customer Card

The simple card: With the UBS Customer Card, you always have your bank account with you. You can withdraw cash and obtain account information from all UBS Bancomats, and take care of your bank transactions at a UBS Multimat. The Multimat can scan your paying-in slips and makes transfers simple. 

Product-based services

Product-based services

Customer Service

Do you have any questions about your accounts, cards or banking packages? One call is all it takes to block your card, clarify questions concerning statements or obtain information regarding the PIN function. Our customer service is ready to assist you 24 hours daily. Contact us. 

Card Services

Access all information concerning your credit or prepaid card at any time, no matter where you are, and keep track of your spending and available balance, control your budget, or simply increase the available amount on your card.

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