You decide when, where and how you pay your bills.

Forget about opening hours. Take care of payments when, where and how you like: online via UBS e-banking, on the road with the UBS Mobile Banking App, at a UBS Multimat in one of our branches or by mail with UBS easy. Or, even simpler, with a standing order or direct debit.

The app for when you're on the go

You can also do your banking using UBS Mobile Banking on your smartphone. The app gives you round-the-clock access to your accounts, custody accounts, cards and portfolios and keeps you up-to-date on interesting account activities or stock exchange news with its text alert function. It also allows you to scan deposit slips and pay directly via UBS e-banking.


  • You have access to your account balance at any time and from anywhere.
  • You can query available limits and transactions made with your UBS prepaid card/UBS credit card while on the go.
  • You can scan deposit slips and save time by paying online.

Find out more about UBS Mobile Banking at:

Top up your cell phone at a UBS Bancomat

Not only can you withdraw cash around the clock from a UBS Bancomat, but you can also load minutes onto your cell phone.

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