Your tickets to a cashless future: UBS Maestro Card, UBS prepaid cards and UBS credit cards

Carrying large quantities of cash on your person is not ideal. It is much safer to pay for purchases with your UBS Maestro Card, the UBS prepaid card or the UBS credit card. And if you do need cash, you can use your UBS Maestro Card to withdraw Swiss francs from any ATM in Switzerland without charge.

UBS prepaid cards


With the UBS MasterCard Prepaid, a prepaid card on a credit balance basis, you can keep track of your spending at all times. At the same time, you benefit from the features of a credit card and can make secure, cashless purchases around the world - even on the Internet. Load up your prepaid card quickly and conveniently via UBS e-banking or a deposit slip.


Interested in getting a UBS prepaid card?

The UBS MasterCard Prepaid is available for customers age 14 or over. Parental consent is required until age 18 and applicants must hold a UBS account. We are happy to provide advice if you call our free Service Line at 0800 800 664 or come to see us in any UBS branch.