Your tickets to a cashless future: UBS Maestro Card, UBS prepaid cards and UBS credit cards

Carrying large quantities of cash on your person is not ideal. It is much safer to pay for purchases with your UBS Maestro Card, the UBS prepaid card or the UBS credit card. And if you do need cash, you can use your UBS Maestro Card to withdraw Swiss francs from any ATM in Switzerland without charge.

UBS Maestro Card

With the UBS Maestro Card you can make cashless payments and withdraw cash in Swiss francs whenever you need to at all Bancomats and postal ATMs in Switzerland.
The UBS Maestro Card is included free of charge in the packages for young people UBS Generation and UBS Campus.

Top up your cell phone at a UBS Bancomat

Not only can you withdraw cash around the clock from a UBS Bancomat, but you can also load minutes onto your cell phone

ATM locations