Our cards - a wide selection with many extras

Pay with your credit card or Maestro card all over the world - it's safe and much easier than rummaging around for small change. The contactless function makes paying even quicker and easier. You can keep an overview of your spending at all times with e-banking and mobile banking. UBS offers an attractive double package, with a Visa card and a MasterCard for the price of a single credit card. You also participate in our KeyClub bonus program.

Overview of our credit cards - with an attractive bonus program

Standard Credit Card

The classic card: Two cards for the price of one for daily or online shopping or when traveling. You collect valuable KeyClub points whenever you use your card. Includes basic travel and aviation accident insurance.

Gold Credit Card

The luxury card: You enjoy a higher limit, double KeyClub points and increased insurance cover when traveling. You also receive a free Priority Pass for access to selected airport lounges.

Platinum Credit Card

The exclusive card: Up to four credit cards for the price of one - including a foreign currency card option - plus other advantages such as a high limit, triple KeyClub points, a Priority Pass and Travel Insurance Plus.

MasterCard Prepaid

The controlled card: This prepaid card operates on a credit balance basis, allowing you to keep control of your spending at all times. There is no risk of borrowing too much. Topping up is easy. Available to those over the age of 14. 

Special cards

The special card: The benefits of MasterCard and Visa adapted to your personal wishes, such as special edition, foreign currency or neutral credit cards. You can also support good causes with the Charity Card.


Debit Cards and Customer Card

Maestro Card

The uncomplicated card: The key to your account. The Maestro card allows you to make payments in Switzerland and abroad, withdraw cash from ATMs all over the world and carry out your banking transactions at UBS Multimats.

V PAY Card

The safest: The UBS Debit Card V PAY. It allows you to make payments in Switzerland and abroad, withdraw cash from ATMs all over the world and carry out your banking transactions at UBS Multimats.

Customer Card

The simple card: A great deal of service from one card. The Customer Card lets you withdraw cash and make account enquiries at all UBS ATMs. You can also carry out banking transactions at UBS Multimats. 

Product-based services

Product-based services

Customer Service

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your cards, such as the blocking of your cards upon theft or loss, discrepancies in your monthly statement or changes to your card limit, you can find additional information here.

Card Services

The most important details on card functions such as cashless payments, PIN codes and 3-D Secure – you can find the answers to your questions here. You can also find out more about our services for your credit card or debit card such as Travel Insurance Plus and Priority Pass.


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