Create a work of art – and win!

Art is fun – especially when it’s easy to create with your smartphone. The ArtShaker mobile app lets you do just that – create new pictures based on artworks from the Fondation Beyeler or your own photos.

Here’s how it works: take a photo with the ArtShaker mobile app, shake your smartphone or move it slightly – that’s all you have to do to create new artistic images. With over 20 different filters, there are countless ways to generate your personal special effects. What’s more, the app also features interesting background material on artists and styles of art.

Enjoy VIP treatment at the Festival del film Locarno

Now is a particularly good time to try out the ArtShaker app. Snap a suitable subject, shake it and take part in the ArtShaker competition. If your picture’s a success, with a bit of luck you could win a VIP package to the Festival del film Locarno, including an overnight stay!

Download the ArtShaker app now and enter the competition.

The ArtShaker app is now also available for Android: