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New uses for old bunkers

As hotels, data centers or even cheese storerooms: many of Switzerland’s no-longer-secret military bunkers are now being put to good commercial use.

“The little barrel is purely for show”

Jean-Maurice Tornay, President of the Barry Foundation, explains why the dogs from the Great St. Bernard Pass partly have Napoleon to thank for their fame.

Anna Ihde – The ancient art of basket weaving

Anna Ihde has chosen to pursue a handicraft that very few people now practice. The 26-year-old trained in basket weaving and wickerwork – an ancient profession.

Proper budgeting for homeowners

More and more Swiss now own their own homes. Since September 1, new rules have applied to the financing of residential property. René Knoblauch, Head of Wealth Planning Zurich/Central Switzerland at UBS explains what this means for homeowners.