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Go to FINANZ'15 for free 

The very first FINANZ'15 is being held on February 4 and 5. The fair at the Kongresshaus in Zurich is being billed as the largest and most attractive event in Switzerland for discovering investment opportunities. UBS is inviting you to attend for free. Download your voucher now.

Foodie marathon 

“You are what you eat,” or so the saying goes. If it’s true, then in Taipei you can be practically anything and everything. A stroll through the night markets in Taiwan’s capital.

Dano Roost - Silver medal at SwissSkills

UBS IT apprentice Dano Roost won the silver medal in the Application Development category at the SwissSkills Bern 2014 vocational championships. And he has even bigger plans.

“Living in town was funny” 

Former Mister Switzerland Renzo Blumenthal tells us why Val Lumnezia is the best place to be, why many people move away to lower-lying regions, and why he has added a new string to his bow by producing organic products.