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Take off for an adventure

Do you want an even more pleasant flight? Or to purchase a SWISS voucher code? UBS KeyClub and SWISS make both a cinch.

Cooking with Schabziger cheese

The future of Swiss Schabziger lies in the hands of Sarah Trümpy, head of Geska AG. She reveals what she most likes to cook with this spicy cheese.

The ABCs of the future

Dr. Andreas M. Walker, futurologist and co-president of swissfuture, ventures some predictions for the future from A (as in Artificial Intelligence) to Z (as in Zest). Some of them are deadly serious but Walker is at the ready with just the right measure of humor and reflection.

“The multimanager approach distinguishes us from the competition”

The UBS Vitainvest funds comply with the statutory investment guidelines for retirement solutions. Marc Schaffner explains how much leeway he has in making investment decisions, and what makes these investment funds unique.