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Take off for an adventure

Do you want an even more pleasant flight? Or to purchase a SWISS voucher code? UBS KeyClub and SWISS make both a cinch.

Cooking with Schabziger cheese

The future of Swiss Schabziger lies in the hands of Sarah Trümpy, head of Geska AG. She reveals what she most likes to cook with this spicy cheese.

Anna Ihde – The ancient art of basket weaving

Anna Ihde has chosen to pursue a handicraft that very few people now practice. The 26-year-old trained in basket weaving and wickerwork – an ancient profession.

«Share buybacks boost stock prices»

US companies are currently in good shape. Many are using their overflowing coffers to buy back shares, thus presenting investors with attractive return opportunities – says Stefanie Scholtysik, Share Analyst at UBS Chief Investment Office Wealth Management.