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“Can’t be any quicker” 

Meeting point of commuters: 32 trains per hour arrive in the Zurich Stadelhofen train station, in peak times even more. Anita Sundi, general manager at the k kiosk, always has her hands full. And so she’s all the more pleased when customers pay contactless with their credit card. 

“We intend to be the leaders in consulting” 

They’re critical, demanding and informed: Banking clients tick differently today than they did just a few years ago. Roger von Mentlen, Head of Retail Banking of UBS Switzerland, explains how the new service models take changed needs into account.

“The young are at twice the disadvantage” 

The AHV and the pension funds are giving pension promises that sound good. But can they be kept in the long term? UBS retirement specialist Veronica Weisser explains which financing measures are promising – and which are not.

“We are fair in every regard”

A successful outdoor brand has resulted out of a Swiss development project in Nepal: Sherpa Outdoor. CEO Bruno Ruedisueli explains why the Nepalese and the Swiss complement each other well – and why Sherpa Outdoor customers benefit from the euro crisis.