Multi-manager concept

The multi-manager concept gives UBS vested benefits custody account clients access to premier global asset managers. UBS is currently the only bank to provide a retirement solution of this kind under 2nd pillar.

UBS Global Asset Management and other leading domestic and foreign asset management companies manage UBS (CH) Vitainvest securities investments. You therefore benefit from diversification across several asset managers.

Under the multi-manager concept, UBS (CH) Vitainvest segments comprises the following asset classes that have different weightings and are managed by the asset managers listed below.

Domestic and foreign CHF bonds:

UBS Global Asset Management

Swiss equities:

  • Schroder & Co Bank AG

  • IAM Independent Asset Management

  • Deutsche Asset Management Schweiz AG

  • UBS Global Asset Management

Global foreign-currency bonds:


  • Goldman Sachs Asset Management

  • UBS Global Asset Management

Global equities:

  • AXA Rosenberg Investment Management Ltd.

  • Investec Asset Management Limited

  • JP Morgan Asset Management

  • UBS Global Asset Management

UBS is solely responsible for investment results and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.