UBS vested benefits account

The Vested Benefits Foundation of UBS AG safeguards the maintenance of pension coverage in the second pillar according to the Swiss Federal law on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans and the Vesting law.


  • Attractive returns on your investment thanks to a preferential rate of interest

  • The opportunity to invest in UBS Vitainvest investment funds

  • The opportunity to use your retirement capital to buy a home of your own

  • Complete, secure preservation of your retirement capital

  • No wealth, income and withholding tax until your pension capital is paid out

  • Immediate cash payment of your retirement capital in certain circumstances, as prescribed in the federal law on vesting in pension plans

  • A preferential tax rate when your pension capital is paid out. Calculate the taxes on your forthcoming capital:

Opened account

A vested benefits account is opened in the following circumstances:

  • When your employment relationship is terminated, but your vested benefits cannot be transferred immediately to the new pension plan or can only be transferred in part.

  • In the event of a reduction in salary to below the minimum insurance threshold (CHF 21 060, as of 2013).

Payment of vested benefits

Your vested benefits can be withdrawn no earlier than five years before the statutory retirement age, and must be withdrawn no later than five years after this age (men: 65, women: 64).

Early withdrawal is also permitted under the applicable regulations in the following circumstances:

  • If the accountholder is drawing a full disability pension under the Swiss Disability Insurance scheme and the risk of disability is not insured

  • If you become self-employed

  • If you leave Switzerland for good. Though under regulations that come into force since 1 June 2007, restrictions apply if you are moving to an European Union member state, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway.

  • If the current annual contribution to the occupational pension scheme is greater than the value of the vested-benefit capital accrued to date

  • For buying your own home

  • In the event of the member's death (Payment of the benefits in the event of the member's death is subject to certain legal provisions. Amendments to the order of beneficiaries (PDF, 159 KB) are possible to a limited extent.)

Calculate the capital available after tax following an early withdrawal:

Your retirement capital may also be transferred:

  • if it is transferred to a tax-free pension scheme or

  • if the institution or form of pension provision is changed.