UBS Fisca account
Retirement planning - save on taxes

The UBS Fisca retirement savings account forms the basis of the UBS Fisca retirement savings programme for tax-privileged saving (pillar 3a). It is available for all taxpayers with an AHV-liable income.

Tax benefits

  • Payments into your UBS Fisca retirement savings account can be deducted from your taxable income up to the maximum annual amount (employed persons with a pension fund: up to CHF 6,739; employed persons without a pension fund: 20% of income, up to a maximum of CHF 33,696).

  • No wealth tax is payable on the balance of your Fisca retirement savings account.

  • Interest and capital gains are tax-free for the duration of the retirement savings agreement.

  • The capital payout is taxed separately from ordinary income at a privileged rate at both federal and cantonal levels.

Financial planning tools

Other benefits

  • Investment funds as an attractive addition

  • Use your retirement capital to buy a home of your own

  • No obligation to make regular payments

  • Account maintenance free of charge

  • Advantegous interest rate

  • UBS KeyClub: As a UBS KeyClub member, you can collect points for a number of attractive offers.

Please note: The UBS Fisca account is included with the "Pay and Save Basic Offering".

Possibilities for withdrawal

The capital is blocked in the UBS Fisca retirement savings account until five years before the AHV retirement age is reached. You can, however, withdraw the money early in the following cases:

  • To finance the purchase of your own home

  • To set up a business

  • When leaving Switzerland permanently (emigrating)

  • When unable to work and in receipt of a full disability pension

  • To buy into another retirement savings programme

  • In the event of the death of the retirement savings programme member (Payment of the benefits in the event of the member's death is subject to certain legal provisions. Amendments to the order of beneficiaries are possible to a limited degree.)