Investment instruction

By issuing an investment instruction for the Fisca custody account, you can profit from automatic investment in your chosen segments of UBS Vitainvest free of charge.
Once issued, the investment instruction applies to all future deposits in your UBS Fisca account. In order to trigger the automatic investment mechanism, a deposit of at least CHF 50 must be made.

You can choose from the following simple options when you issue your investment instruction:

  • Invest 100% of the deposit in one of the six segments.

  • Combine segments of UBS Vitainvest with account deposits. The minimum percentage per segment is 20% (higher amounts in 5% increments).

Combining the advantages of a Fisca account with the benefits of securities investment:

  • Simplicity: the deposits are invested automatically in the segments of UBS Vitainvest.

  • Risk minimization: by making regular deposits, you average out prices, which saves you having to invest at high prices.

  • Full investment: your money will be invested not only in complete units, but also in fractions.

  • Flexibility: there is no obligation to make regular deposits, and the investment instruction can be altered at any time.

  • No charge: as with all Fisca products, the investment instruction is free of charge.