Accumulate 3a retirement savings and save on tax – with the Fisca account.

Would you like to supplement the benefits of your AHV and your pension fund? The UBS Fisca account is the simple way to accumulate retirement savings under Pillar 3a in an individual, flexible manner.

How the Fisca account works

Our Fisca account is designed for anyone who is gainfully employed and required to pay AHV/IV contributions. You determine when and how much you pay into this account. Payments may be made up to a maximum of five years after the standard AHV retirement age.


Maximum annual contribution per year for 2015  
  • With a pension fund: CHF 6768
  • Without a pension fund: 20% of net income from employment, to a maximum of CHF 33,840

How you benefit with the retirement savings account

  • Tax savings
  • Attractive preferential interest rate
  • Finance residential property with pension assets
  • Free account maintenance

Advice and contact


By telephone from Monday to Friday
8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

0800 002 983*

Arrange a call-back

Arranging an advisory consultation

Further information can be found in our UBS Fisca custody account product information sheet (PDF, 110 KB). As an existing client with an e-banking contract, you can open your 3a savings account directly online.

The Fisca custody account with a Vitainvest investment fund is the ideal compliment to your Fisca account if you wish to increase your earnings potential in Pillar 3a. The Pillar 3b unrestricted pension plan ensures that you can also protect yourself against a wide variety of risks. We would be happy to provide you with advice in a personal consultation and together plan your individual pension solution.

Good to know

Don't miss out on any tax relief – with a ((link)) standing order for regular payments to your retirement savings account. The Fisca standing order is automatically adjusted on an annual basis in line with the statutory maximum contribution.

Withdrawal options

The capital is legally tied up until five years before you reach the AHV retirement age. You can withdraw it early if you:

  • wish to finance your own home
  • want to pay back your mortgage on your own home
  • wish to become self-employed and not join a pension fund
  • give up your former self-employment status and take up another form of employment
  • are leaving Switzerland for good
  • receive a full disability pension from Swiss Federal Disability Insurance
  • buy into a tax-exempt pension fund

You can find details of the withdrawal opportunities in the Regulations of the Fisca Pension Fund Foundation (PDF, 72 KB).

Further issues relating to your retirement

Count on our expertise. We will provide you with important information on additional aspects of private retirement savings. Should you still have any questions, we will be happy to clear up any details in a personal consultation.

* Toll-free number. Exceptions: some telecommunication providers may charge if calls are made from a mobile phone, a telephone booth, or from abroad.