Flexible life insurance solutions with Swiss Life - Covering against risks

Swiss Life Protection - income protection in the event of incapacity to work or death

Take out risk insurance to protect you and your family or business partner against financial problems due to accident, illness or death. Make provision with incapacity or term insurance. Both types offer a great deal of flexibility, as you can customize your risk protection.

Swiss Life Protection offers you the following options:

Your benefits at a glance

  • Individual pension provision in the event of death or incapacity to work

    • Protection for your spouse or domestic partner and security for your family

    • Ensure the continuation of your business

  • Cover your mortgage, ensuring that the cost of the property remains manageable

  • High degree of flexibility at every stage of life

  • Tax advantages with pillar 3a

  • Premium waiver if you are unable to work

Dependants' cover
With Swiss Life Protection you can arrange customized cover to protect your family against the financial consequences of a death, in the form of a lump-sum death benefit or short-term pension.

Swiss Life Protection

Replacement income if you are unable to work
Protect yourself against financial difficulties should you be unable to work due to accident or illness. With Swiss Life Protection, your pension allows you and your dependents to maintain your accustomed standard of living even if you are unable to work. You can choose from the following pension options:

  • Pension with or without accident

  • Waiting periods of 3, 6, 12, 24 months

  • Constant or increasing pension

  • Flexible start and end dates

  • 3a or 3b

Swiss Life Protection