Enjoy the freedom of a UBS Standard Credit Card.

With a UBS Standard Credit Card, you can make those small, or not so small, wishes come true. You can pay securely and quickly anywhere in the world and on the Internet, and withdraw cash at ATMs. You receive an itemized credit card bill each month, which you can pay in full or in installments.

UBS card portals allow you to access any information you need on your UBS Credit or Prepaid Cards conveniently at any time. It's simple, secure and fast.

UBS card portals

Access your UBS Credit and Prepaid Card while you are on the move and be better informed. Via the UBS Mobile Banking app, e-mail/text message notifications or text message requests.

UBS Mobile Services

Thanks to "3-D Secure", you can shop with your credit card even more securely online. Register now.

Enjoy the convenience of receiving your credit cards bills online rather than having them sent by post. Your e-bills are paid and archived in just a few clicks of the mouse.