UBS Platinum Credit Cards: exclusive service and premium benefits.

With the UBS Platinum Credit Card, you not only benefit from a higher spending limit and numerous exclusivities, but also from special lifestyle services helping make many of your wishes come true.


Two-card set

• In the first year

• In each subsequent year


CHF 250 / EUR 175 / USD 2001

CHF 500 / EUR 350 / USD 4001

Two-card set partner (per year)




Replacement card

Free of charge

With UBS Travel Insurance Plus


Card blocking

Free of charge

Passing on of third-party costs

All third-party costs incurred (e.g. postage costs, fees for payments at post office counters, costs for visits to airport lounges) may be passed on. For detailed price information, please contact our customer service.


Cashless payments with a UBS Credit/Prepaid Card

Transactions in foreign currencies

UBS currency sell rate plus 1.75% processing fee

Interest rate for partial payments

Annual rate of interest 15%


Cash withdrawals with a UBS Credit/Prepaid Card

Cash withdrawals at ATMs

• In Switzerland

• Abroad

(per withdrawal)

3.5% min. CHF 5/EUR 4/USD 5

3.5% min. CHF 10/EUR 8/USD 10

Over-the-counter cash withdrawals

• In Switzerland and abroad

• With credit balance on the credit card account

(per withdrawal)

4% min. CHF 10/EUR 8/USD 10

free of charge at selected UBS counters3, abroad all-in fee of CHF 10/EUR 8/USD 10

Available for an additional charge of CHF 30 per month with the Pay and Save Basic Offerings for Individuals/Families and Couples.

2 Partner cards are also available in a currency other than that of the main card.

3 Withdrawal options