Contactless payment by credit card

Contactless payment

Contactless payment is simple, fast and convenient. For small amounts, you need only to briefly wave the card across the reader, and the purchase is paid for. For larger amounts, you must also enter the PIN code. UBS credit cards and prepaid cards already have the new contactless payment option. 

Look for the contactless symbol. See below a selection of partners with whom you can now use the contactless payment option. 

Kontaktlos bezahlen

Benefits for you

  • No scrambling for small change
  • Time saved thanks to simple, fast payment
  • Less time waiting at the cash till
  • The card never leaves your hands during the payment transaction.
to the credit card range

Security advice for UBS credit cards


Contactless payment is based on the same technology as ski passes at resorts or security passes at work. Simply wave the card at the reader to pay within seconds.

  • Contactless payment is quick and easy. You can pay up to CHF 40 within seconds using a suitable card reader.
  • Say goodbye to the never-ending scramble for change.
  • Payment processes are faster and waiting times shorter.

1. You can pay with contactless if your card has a contactless symbol.

2. Make sure the payment terminal has the same symbol. If it does, it supports contactless payment. Wait until the amount is displayed. Hold the card close to the symbol.

3. Within seconds, the terminal will indicate that the payment is complete.

Because entering the card and the PIN code may be required in individual cases, please always be aware of the information displayed on the terminal.

More and more retailers in and outside Switzerland now accept fast and easy contactless payments. Here are a few of the partners where you can pay with contactless in Switzerland:

Look for one of these symbols:

As a rule, payment transactions up to an amount of 40 francs are contactless at contactless terminals (hold the card close to the terminal and wait for a signal). Entering the PIN code is only required for amounts over 40 francs. Because entering the card and the PIN code may be required in individual cases, please always be aware of the information displayed on the terminal.

  • The card remains in your hand during the entire payment transaction.
  • The data can only be transmitted from the card chip to the card reader if the card is held close to the reader.
  • There can only be one transaction for each contact with the reader since the security chip on the card generates a unique code for every transaction. Repeated use of this code or an incorrect code is identified immediately.
  • Payments greater than CHF 40 still require you to enter your PIN or sign your name.
  • The following security guide (PDF, 59 KB) will help you use your card securely.
  • Observe your duties of care as set out in the general business conditions for using UBS credit cards or UBS prepaid cards .
  •  Immediately cancel lost or stolen cards by calling +41-44-828 31 35

Ask an employee at your local UBS branch or order a card directly online. UBS credit cards with contactless functionality are issued to clients aged 18 and up (partner cards: aged 16 and up) – UBS prepaid cards to clients aged 14 and up.