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With UBS you can take care of your international transactions in the way that best suits your individual needs. Just select what you need from our wide range of products:


UBS e-banking and UBS Multimat help you organize your international payments. That way, you can be sure that the system will offer you the best-value type of order for you.

Order types in
UBS e-banking /
UBS Multimat:
  •  Payment order SEPA

The best-value payment order for payments in euros to payees in countries in the EU or EEA.

  • Payment order Abroad extra

For payments of limited sums in the currency of target countries (Europe or the US) and at a favorable flat rate.

  • Payment order Abroad

For payments anywhere in the world, up to any amount and in all tradable currencies.

  • Standing order Abroad or Abroad extra

Recurring payments of fixed amounts via the Internet to the same recipients

On paper

Order form for all payments with IPI international payment slip

Order form for payments with no payment slip

Order form for recurring payments of fixed amounts to the same recipients