Prices and third-party charges
With UBS, you have everything
under control

Are you looking for the lowest cost option for your payment transfers? Look no further. With UBS, you have costs under control at all times.

By using the “SEPA " or “Abroad extra” payment orders you incur no third-party expenses and can be certain that the full amount will reach the payee. When using the “payment order Abroad”, you have to decide who should pay UBS's service charge and any charges imposed by the foreign bank or banks. You have three options:

  • You as the person making the payment pay all charges and benefit from our unique flat-rate third-party charge of CHF 20. UBS guarantees that this will cover all the charges imposed by foreign banks ('OUR' option) or
  • You as the person making the payment pay the UBS service charge and the beneficiary pays the third-party charges ('SHA' option) or
  • The beneficiary pays both the UBS service charge and the third-party charges ('BEN' option)

Please see our latest Price list (PDF, 506 KB) for all the charges which apply.