Multimat - Standing orders

Standing orders

You can make use of the following options:

  • Payments in all tradable currencies to beneficiaries abroad.
    Three order types are available: UBS Multimat assists you when entering orders, as it can select the cheapest order type for the payment details entered.

    SEPA payment orders – As cheap as domestic payments for payments in euro to payees in EU/EEA countries.
    Where payment is received promptly, the transfer amount is credited to the payee as early as the next bank working day, at no additional expense to you, even if currency conversion is involved. With "Payment order SEPA", some recipient banks make a charge for the incoming payment, in an amount communicated beforehand.

    Abroad extra payment orders – For non-urgent payments of limited transfer amounts in the currency of the target coun-try (in Europe or the US) at a flat rate that covers all costs incurred. The full transfer amount is credited to the payee within six bank working days.

    Abroad payment orders – For all other payments anywhere in the world in any tradable currency.

  • Display, change, block or delete existing standing orders.

You can administer all of your standing orders via UBS Multimat and UBS e-banking, regardless of whether you created them electronically or on paper.