UBS Credit Cards with PIN function

All UBS Credit Cards issued from mid-February 2011 will be equipped with the latest chip technology and PIN function. This will make paying with your credit card even more secure, not to mention quicker and easier.

When using your new card, at most points of sale you will be required to enter your PIN code instead of signing the sales receipt. Only in individual cases will you have to confirm the payment with your signature.

What is a UBS Credit Card with PIN function?
To make payments with a card with PIN function, you will normally be required to enter your PIN code (instead of your signature). Up to now, it was only possible to use the PIN code at ATMs (Bancomats, SBB ticket machines, parking ticket machines) and for filling up at gas stations. Now the same PIN code can be used for all card payments, i.e. to make purchases in stores, for example.

What advantages does the PIN function have for me?
Payment with a PIN code is more secure and also faster than with a signature. Processing is just as straightforward as with the Maestro Card and allows you to purchase day-to-day goods at supermarkets and department stores in a matter of seconds – reducing waiting times at checkouts.

How do I pay with the PIN function or with the PIN code?
An increasing number of vendors are installing state-of-the-art payment terminals – both in Switzerland and abroad. If you pay at these points of sale with your UBS Credit Card you will be requested to enter your PIN code. Payment with signature is in this case not possible.
It is therefore important that you learn your PIN code by heart so you can use your UBS credit anytime, anywhere.

Can I also opt to pay with signature?
No. If your PIN code is required at the point of sale, then you must enter it when requested. Otherwise the payment cannot be processed.
In individual cases, however, you may still have to confirm the payment with your signature (in countries with low or no PIN cover or at older payment terminals). In this case, all you need to do is sign the sales receipt.

What should I remember when using my PIN code?
The use of the PIN code is secure as long as you observe the following rules:

  • Learn the PIN code and never keep it together with the card or write it on the card.
  • Change the code at an ATM in Switzerland. Do not use easy-to-guess number combinations such as dates of birth, phone numbers or car license plate numbers.
  • Do not let anyone watch you entering your PIN code and never disclose it to others (not even UBS employees, the police or public bodies).
  • If your credit card is lost or stolen, immediately notify the 24-hour customer service team; this is also possible via collect call: tel. +41-44-828 31 35.