Protect your prepaid and credit cards online via "3-D Secure".

Thanks to "3-D Secure", online shopping is even more secure. A personal password allows you to authenticate yourself in online shops just as clearly as with your signature at points of sale or your PIN code at ATMs, which is why more and more online shops support this internationally recognized security standard.

Signing up for "3-D Secure" is so easy.

It doesn't take long to sign up for "3-D Secure". All you need to do is define an individual security message and password. If you have more than one UBS Prepaid or Credit Card (e.g. main and second card), please enter each card individually. You can of course also register your card when making a purchase from an online shop that offers "3-D Secure".

In each online shop that offers the "3-D Secure" service, you will be asked to enter your "3-D Secure" password during the payment process. A security message chosen by you ensures that the password check is actually carried out by UBS. If the password is correct, the payment process will be completed.

Numerous online shops in Switzerland and abroad already offer "3-D Secure". Simply look for the "Verified by Visa" or "MasterCard SecureCode" logo.

Sign up for "3-D Secure" now and increase your level of security when shopping online.

Important information

If you do not sign up now, you will be requested to do so the next time you make a purchase from an online shop that offers "3-D Secure".

Signing up for "3-D Secure" has no impact on the conditions governing your online purchases from a legal perspective. You still have the possibility of disputing incorrect transactions within 30 days.