UBS investment fund account
Investing in growth

Investing in growth

Before opening a UBS investment account, your UBS client advisor will help you define your investment goals and the currency of your account (reference currency: CHF, EUR or USD) and select your personal investment profile. This enables us to define the right investment strategy for you and to jointly select the UBS investment fund or funds that best meet your needs.

Do you want to build up your assets or save to fulfill a lifelong dream? Would you like to enjoy the benefits of long-term earnings potential that are tailored to your individual needs? But would you also like to remain flexible, determine the pace of your investments yourself and have access to your money at any time? UBS has the perfect solution, the UBS investment fund account.

Convincing advantages 

  • Simple: Money paid into your UBS investment fund account is automatically invested in the UBS investment funds of your choice.
  • Flexible: You can pay into, and make withdrawals from, a UBS investment fund account at any time. 
  • Fully invested: Your money is invested not only in complete fund units, but also in fractions of units. 
  • Diversified investment risk: You benefit from the widely diversified risks of UBS investment funds.
  • Return: You can enjoy higher long-term earnings potential than with a savings account.
  • Variety: You have access to a wide range of UBS investment funds.

The ideal gift that grows over time

Your gift can lay the foundation for future wealth. Our young clients enjoy attractive preferential conditions and a number of exciting extras.