Selling or bequeathing your home.

If you plan the sale or change of ownership of your home ahead of time, you can lower your tax bill. It’s never too early to think about living arrangements in your old age, or your will in the event of your death.

If you wish to sell a house or an apartment, you should make comprehensive plans at an early stage.

The key elements of selling a property

1. Set your asking price and your room for negotiation
2. Prepare the sale documentation
3. Advertise the property in suitable media
4. Conclude a preagreement and request a financing commitment/payment promise from buyer
5. Sign the purchase agreement and complete public certification
6. Transfer of ownership and property handover

We can offer the following services to support you when the ownership of a property changes hands

  • Checking the property’s value
  • Discounted advertisements in the UBS real estate market
  • Examining a bridging loan for the process of selling your property and buying another one
  • Examining your mortgage mix and making adjustments if required
  • Advising on opportunities and risks in relation to retirement

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