Five steps to owning your own home.

We’ll support you every step of the way en route to your own home. Come and see us early on to discuss your ideas with us and make the most of the market leader’s expertise in real estate financing.

The first step is all about deciding how much you want and can afford to spend on buying a property. You should take a range of factors into account in this regard.

  • Compare your current rent and ancillary costs with the cost of buying your own home – you’ll be amazed.
  • Use our mortgage calculator to work out what sort of property you can afford.
  • There are various ways to use the money you have saved in your Pillar 2 and Pillar 3 retirement plans to buy your own home.
  • Calculate how much you could put aside each month.

Once you’ve decided on your budget, you can start looking for a property. You should take quite mundane criteria into account when making your choice as well as emotional considerations.

  • What type of property matches your ideas and your finances: a detached house, townhouse or apartment?
  • What criteria are important to you in your future home? Use our checklist for your detailed plans.
  • What might be the tax repercussions of changing your place of residence? Our calculation tool will help you find out.

Funding geared to your personal needs is the core element of good mortgage advice. We can meet to find the ideal financing strategy for you – without any obligation on your part.

  • Your UBS advisor will help you to strike the right balance between your personal wishes, the current interest rate environment and your financial situation.
  • The cheapest mortgage is not always the best choice. The important thing is that you’re satisfied over the long term. We’ll work out your personal mortgage profile in an advisory consultation and offer you financing proposals tailored to this profile.
  • UBS offers a broad range of attractive mortgages. Together, we’ll find the ideal product mix to finance your home.
  • Make the most of UBS special offers for first-time buyers and owners making improvements to their homes, as well as for energy-efficient and sustainable building.
  • Look up information about current benchmark interest rates and find out how UBS’s mortgages are placed in the current interest rate environment.
  • Please bring all the important documents along with you to your advisory consultation. Our checklist will help you to prepare for the meeting.

You need to take account of various factors when buying or building your own home:

  • Do you want an architect or a general contractor to oversee the construction work?
  • What steps are involved in building a home? Good organization, ongoing coordination and open communication can help you to optimize the construction process.
  • Before buying, make sure you have an overview of the legal, financial and tax aspects.

Did you know that you can lower your tax bill if you own a house? Or that it makes sense to take out owner-builder’s liability insurance? It’s a good idea to find out about these issues as well.

  • If you own a residential property, you can save on your taxes – both your income and wealth tax – year in, year out.
  • You can also repay your mortgage indirectly via your Pillar 3a, giving you an additional tax savings.
  • Ask for a consultation with a specialist who can advise you on the risks for which you need insurance protection during the construction phase.
  • The risks to be covered are not just about the property, they also relate to the people living in it. It’s worth taking out the right insurance policies at the right time.

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