Key information on the building and buying phase.

To make sure that nothing goes wrong when building or buying your own home, it’s important to keep in mind several key points and to clarify questions in advance. Our experienced advisors will be happy to support you at the planning stage so that you can realize your project with confidence.

As an owner-builder or property owner, you may become liable for numerous reasons. Think about insurance during the planning stages, as insurance premiums can be factored in and are affordable – unlike a huge claim for damages.

This insurance protects against the financial consequences of any liability claims made against the owner-builder during the construction of the property as a result of damage to property or personal injury caused in connection with the construction project.

This is a form of comprehensive building insurance, i.e. property insurance for civil engineering and building construction. This normally insures against the risks faced by the owner-builder, geologist, architect and engineer, as well as the contractors, subcontractors and tradespeople involved. During the insurance period it covers unforeseen damage to the building under construction (damage or destruction).

In some of Switzerland’s cantons, the owner-builder is required to take out insurance during the construction period. This insurance covers damage caused by fire, earthquake and force majeure events during construction. You can contact the relevant building insurance association (GVA) or the Swiss property insurance association (SSV).

Property owner’s liability insurance protects homeowners against the unexpected costs of third-party claims based on personal injury or damage to property.

Once the house has been built, building insurance protects you against the financial consequences of risks such as fire or natural hazards.

Comprehensive protection for your family: financial protection in the event of illness, accident, disability or death is best covered with a life policy or loss of income policy. You can also take out this kind of policy as straightforward term insurance (without capital accumulation). The UBS mortgage with insurance cover offers this ideal combination in a single product.

UBS also offers a wide selection of first-class life insurance.

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