Financial flexibility with the
UBS Mortgage Overdraft Facility.

With the UBS Mortgage Overdraft Facility, you always have a credit limit available that can be used flexibly. This means you can easily make purchases or fund home extensions while benefiting from an attractive loan interest rate.

How you benefit

  • Credit limits that can be used flexibly
  • You can use the facility in any way you choose
  • You can borrow and repay funds any time you choose without having to go through your UBS advisor.

UBS Mortgage Overdraft Facility at a glance
Interest rate Variable
Term Unlimited; may be cancelled by either party at any time
Amount Own home: CHF 25,000 to CHF 200,000
Investment property: CHF 100,000 to CHF 500,000
Interest rate risk Interest rates may vary
Requirements You have not made an early withdrawal of, or pledged, any funds derived from occupational (Pillar 2) pension schemes or from restricted (Pillar 3) pension schemes for the purpose of financing the purchase of residential property. You may not make an early withdrawal of, or pledge, any such funds for this purpose during the entire term of the financing, either.

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