Flexible and competitive financing with the UBS Libor Mortgage.

If you like to track short-term interest rate movements, you can benefit from attractive interest rates with the UBS Libor Mortgage. UBS Libor Cap Warrants can provide efficient protection for your UBS Libor mortgage, shielding you from the effects of rising interest rates.

How you benefit

  • You benefit from transparent market rates.
  • Interest rates are lower than longer-term loan rates in a normal interest rate environment.
  • The interest you pay is reduced faster when rates decline.
  • You have the option to repay all or part of your mortgage at the end of any fixed-interest period.
  • Through indirect amortization you can lower your tax bill.
  • Regular direct mortgage repayments can be fixed in your mortgage agreement.

UBS Libor Mortgage at a glance
Interest rate Is adjusted on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis – you can choose
Term Unlimited
Interest rate risk Interest rates may fluctuate during the term of the mortgage
Reference rate Based on the 3-, 6- or 12-month Libor

How the UBS Libor Mortgage works

The UBS Libor Mortgage tracks the CHF Libor rate. This is the interest rate that prime banks offer each other on short-term deposits in Swiss francs. It is published daily in the media and reflects the general interest rate level for short-term deposits in Swiss francs.

You can take out a UBS Libor Mortgage at any time. You choose the fixed-interest period on arranging the mortgage, at the end of which the interest rate is adjusted to the prevailing CHF Libor rate. The interest rate comprises the CHF Libor plus a fixed margin.

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