Mortgage interest rates and trends

The best possible long-term financing costs for you will depend on several factors:.

• The situation you start out with
• Your ideas about budgets and how much certainty you want
• The current and expected interest rate environment
• How you make use of interest rate opportunities

In a personal consultation, we will help you to design your own individual mortgage mix. Based on this, we’ll give you a customized financing proposal with attractive rates of interest.

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The long-term interest rate trend 

Monetary policy remains expansive but yield movement is likely

Swiss interest rates remain low by historical and international standards, although we expect international interest rate pressure to drive bond yields slightly higher as early as the next few months. Conversely, monetary policy is the dominant factor at the short end of the yield curve, and the Swiss National Bank (SNB) will probably have to continue its very expansive policy until at least 2017 out of consideration for exchange rates. What is more, the entire yield curve is benefiting from the franc's status as a safe haven, as investors are willing to accept record-low interest rates in return for the safety of the franc. There is nevertheless a possibility that the currently high central bank money supply will drive up inflation somewhat in the longer term. Together with more robust global growth, this is likely to lead to higher interest rates in the coming years.