UBS Fixed-Rate and Forward Mortgages:
Safety guaranteed.

With the UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage, you can plan your interest payments in advance, as the interest rate will remain stable throughout the entire term of the mortgage. With a UBS Forward Mortgage, you can set the interest rate for your Fixed-Rate Mortgage up to 12 months in advance if you expect interest rates to rise (longer terms available on request).

UBS Forward Mortgage – Protect yourself against rising interest rates

Are you expecting interest rates to rise and are worried about your financing? If you would also like to plan your financing costs into your budget, then the UBS Forward Mortgage is the ideal solution for you: whether an existing fixed-rate mortgage is set to expire in the coming months or you are currently in the construction phase of your new home and have taken out UBS Building Financing. With the UBS Forward Mortgage, you can fix the interest rate of your Fixed-Rate Mortgage up to 12 months in advance by paying a special premium.*

* Premiums for forward agreements available upon request

How you benefit

  • Interest rate can be fixed up to 12 months in advance (longer advance periods on request)
  • Protects you against rising interest rates
  • No interest rate volatility over the term of the mortgage
  • Reliable expenditure planning

UBS Forward Mortgages at a glance
Interest rate Fixed
Term Limited (2-10 years)
Interest rate risk Only at maturity
Conclusion Possible up to 12 months in advance, longer advance periods on request

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