Advice for your specific needs for all issues relating to homeownership.

Besitzen Sie Wohneigentum?

So you've already realized your dream of homeownership. Are you planning any renovations or a conversion? Or perhaps you are considering buying a new dream property? We will assist you with all your projects and provide you with reliable support, drawing on our specialist knowledge on topics such as renovation requirements, bridging loans and potential tax advantages.

Topics which may be of interest to you

Property and market
How is the value of the property I want calculated?
Mortgage mix
What is a borrower profile and how does it affect the mortgage mix?
How much should I allow for renovation and conversion?

Tax considerations
How does buying a home affect my tax position?
Sale and bequest
What do I plan to do with my home?
Protect your partner
& family against risks
How do I look after my family?

Financing 50+
Can I afford my own home after I retire?

Other topics

Savings target for
your own home
How can I meet my goal of of saving for my own home?
Financing rules
How do I finance my home?


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