Our offer for children
Little savers do well at UBS too

UBS savings account for young people
The UBS savings account for young people offers children and young people special account services at an attractive preferential interest rate.

UBS investment fund account
The UBS investment fund account combines the benefits of targeted investment with those of a normal bank account. So you not only save systematically and simply, your child can also profit from the yield on UBS Funds.

Attractive offer for children up to 12 months old

As a thank you for opening an account, the young savers will receive a beautiful plush Topsy piggy bank. We also credit the UBS Savings Account for Young People or the UBS Investment Fund account opened for newborns with 20 francs.

Lots of extras

We offer numerous extras for very young savers, such as Topsy’s World at ubs.com/topsy, full of games, audio books and more; the Topsy iPad app from the App Store; the Topsy advent calendar at Christmas; a gift card when the account is transferred later, and much more.

Topsy's World

The new UBS children’s portal offers specially designed content for children up to age four, and for ages five to eight, and ages nine to twelve. There’s loads to discover!