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UBS KeyClub partners.

The list of our KeyClub partners is a long one, as the idea is that all members should be able to find something on which they will enjoy using up their KeyClub points – on a 1:1 basis.

Do you enjoy the opera or do you prefer the movie theater? Are you interested in fashion or fine wines? Do you like traveling or reading? If so, read on...

In 1948, Ueli Prager opened the first Mövenpick restaurant in the Claridenhof, Zurich. Being a hotelier's son himself, his concept was compellingly simple: to make first-class food and drink and friendly, relaxed service possible and affordable for all.

Mövenpick guests continue to appreciate the successful symbiosis of familiar and surprising elements, of tried-and-tested classics and contemporary trends. Apart from the Mövenpick restaurants, Marché® ("as if it's come straight from the market square") and Cindy's Diner ("tasty American food") also belong to the group.

Mövenpick Marché is KeyClub partner only until January 31, 2015.

Redeem electronic points in UBS KeyClub eStore or redeem point checks in shops

Starbucks serves up only the best coffee – fairly traded and completely ethical. That's why Starbucks' buyers visit coffee plantations in Latin America, Africa and Asia in person. To find the best quality Arabica beans. Starbucks has over 15,000 coffeehouses, making it the world's biggest roaster and seller of coffee specialties. As well as coffee, you can also enjoy high-quality teas, outstanding pastries and lots of other delicious nibbles whenever you visit.

Important: KeyClub checks in paper form cannot be redeemed at Starbucks.

1:1 nur beim Partner vor Ort einlösen

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