Collecting and redeeming UBS KeyClub points: here's how easy it is.

UBS KeyClub is quite straightforward: register free of charge, collect points and make the most of special offers from our KeyClub partners, save money on your shopping, enjoy days out with the family or be there at exciting events. So what are you waiting for?

Here's how easy it is to collect UBS KeyClub points:


  • By making deposits to your UBS personal account
  • By using your UBS Credit Card (minimum amount must be spent)
  • By making payments to your UBS Fisca account (restricted retirement savings account 3a)


Collection rules


UBS Generation
UBS Campus
UBS Young Professional
UBS Individual
UBS Family

Incoming payment to UBS personal account

5 points per quarter for at least 3 incoming payments

15 points per quarter for a minimum of CHF 2,000 credited to the personal account each month 5 points per quarter if at least CHF 4,000 is paid into the personal account each month within the parameters of the Banking packages (PDF, 506 KB)**
Spending on UBS Prepaid/Credit card
1 point per quarter for every CHF 100 spent (upper limit of CHF 1,000) Prepaid and Classic 3
points,Gold 6 points,
Platinum 9 points per CHF 1,000*
Payment into the UBS Fisca account
(restricted retirement savings account 3a)
20 points from CHF 6,000
10 points from CHF 3,000 to 5,999 (per account)
applies retrospectively to full-year 2012
Pay with the UBS Debit Card (V PAY/Maestro)
5 points per quarter for at least 3 payments
*Cards in foreign currencies (USD/EUR): spending is converted into CHF using the official UBS sell exchange rate and apportioned in line with the rules applying to points.

**Maximum 10 points on collective and joint relationships in the Pay and Save Basic Offering for families with two or more inflows of at least CHF 4,000.


Not enjoying the benefits of UBS KeyClub yet?

Then fill in the registration form or contact our free hotline on 0800 810 600. We are at your service for information and registrations from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mondays to Fridays.


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