Financial Advisory - Taxation

Ways to reduce your taxable income

Taxes & pension provision

Are you aware of the benefits of life insurance?
Combine savings capital for retirement with premature death cover and take advantage of the tax benefits. Ask your UBS client advisor to prepare a quote for you.

Benefit from the attractive Fiscainvest investment opportunities
Take advantage of the opportunity to save tax with UBS Fisca. Benefit from the attractive Fiscainvest investment opportunities.

Personal calculation

When should I withdraw my retirement capital (Pillar 3a, pension scheme and vested benefits)?
Retirement capital is taxed separately from your other income at a reduced rate on payout.

Personal calculation:

Tax & investments

Are your assets structured in the most tax-efficient way?
Depending on the marginal tax rate, income from securities is taxed at 30-40%. You may wish to consider, for example, incorporating your bond portfolio into a unit-linked life insurance policy, which will give you the benefit of tax-free payouts. (This solution is subject to certain conditions: minimum 10-year policy term, termination after age 60, commencement before age 66, and policyholder and the insured must be the same).

Tax & real estate

Buy or rent?
Calculate the tax implications of buying your own home.

Direct or indirect repayments
Using Pillar 3a or a life insurance policy to make indirect repayments has a number of retirement and tax benefits.