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Board of Directors

The corporate landscape is changing at a phenomenal pace: client relationships are becoming increasingly complex, competition is intensifying and technology is evolving faster than ever before. This poses enormous challenges for a Board of Directors and Executive Board - at the strategic, financial and personal levels. The key is to be on the ball when it comes to identifying future trends that will shape the role of the Board of Directors and establish appropriate organizational solutions.

In conjunction with practicing directors, expert academics, researchers and consultants, UBS outlook has formulated seven key ideas for today's Board of Directors. The resultant 44-page guide, which also contains a list of recommended publications, details of useful contacts and a subject glossary, can be ordered free of charge using the contact form at the right side.

Key ideas

  • Realistic assessment of a company and its potential
  • Risk-conscious allocation and value-oriented use of resources
  • Occupation of key managerial positions by value-oriented individual
  • Investment based on value creation
  • Continuous increase in corporate value
  • Enhanced value creation through the purchase or sale of companies
  • Maintaining values and safeguarding the future of the company

If you would like to discuss the topic of the Board of Directors in your company, we would be happy to provide the relevant charts for downloading. In order to ensure that you understand the charts, however, it is essential that you first read the UBS outlook publication entitled "Board of Directors".