Transferral of vested benefits

When credits are transferred:
When a member joins your occupational pension scheme and wishes to transfer his/her vested benefits – managed by the UBS Vested Benefits Foundation – to your occupational pension scheme, we will arrange the transferral of these credits.

Online transferral with UBS FZweb:

You can enter all the data required to transfer the credits in an online account opening form. Transferring the data electronically to the UBS Vested Benefits Foundation speeds up the transferral process. In addition, you can print out a copy of the form and keep it for your records. The information entered in the forms is encrypted before forwarding to the UBS Vested Benefits Foundation.

Transferral by post:

You can print out the application and send the completed version to us:

Vested Benefits Foundation of UBS AG
P.O. Box
CH-4002 Basel

The UBS Vested Benefits Foundation then sends confirmation that the account has been closed to you and to the member.

If you want to know whether vested benefits which you are expecting have been transferred to your pension scheme account, you can check the movements on the account via e-banking.