Hedging currency risk

Is your business involved in the international trade in goods, services or capital, and would you like to hedge your operations against the risks of currency fluctuations?

If you cannot invoice your goods or services in Swiss francs or if your imports are paid for in foreign currencies, you will be confronted by currency fluctuations.

Before you take the step of hedging this risk, you need to analyze the source of potential currency-related losses.

With UBS, you will be able to draw on the global foreign exchange expertise of the biggest Swiss financial services company.

We offer you a wide selection of innovative products and services combined with the support of an internationally recognized research team and direct access to global markets.

Based on your risk appetite, the following overview presents a selection of instruments and products especially suited to SMEs.

Hedging currency risk
SWAP TransactionForward TransactionRisk Reversal Kick Into ForwardRange Reset ForwardCancellable Forward

Since some of the foreign exchange products listed here are complex, it is worth talking with your UBS client advisor in selecting a suitable solution.