Payment services, currencies, cash management

As a company with international business operations, you will have clients and possibly also suppliers based abroad. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your incoming and outgoing payments are effected correctly at all times.

Cash Management & Payment Services

Whether you do business abroad or just within Switzerland: In addition to our cash management offering for Switzerland, we also offer a customized range of products for your transactions to Europe and across the globe. As a global financial institution and leading bank in Switzerland, we help shape the way payments are transacted in Europe and around the world. With our tailor-made services and our wide variety of transmission options, we ensure that you can transfer money safely, quickly and cost-effectively to the beneficiaries.

Foreign currency account

A UBS current account serves as the foundation for processing your entire portfolio of business transactions, including payments and investments. You can operate the account in Swiss francs and in any of the major currencies. The account is a platform for your access to our wide range of services and provides you with an overview of all account movements at any time.

Payment services to other countries

Whichever country you want to transfer money to - we offer our own direct access to payment systems in the major global currencies as well as a network of correspondent banks abroad. The simplest method to make your payments is in the currency of the recipient country.

Credit cards

Credit cards offer you the advantage of simplifying your expenses management, travel planning and purchasing processes. With UBS, you and your employees can charge all these costs to one card. We offer a number of tailored card services to meet the varying needs of any company.