Your portal to UBS Trade Finance Access

Simple and secure via UBS e-Banking

UBS Trade Finance Access is a client interface which has been integrated into UBS e-banking. It enables your trade finance transactions to be performed via electronic data transmission. You can access it directly via the Internet at UBS e-banking. Thanks to the tried and trusted technology of the UBS e-banking platform, we are able to provide you with an easy means of transmitting data based on the highest security standards.

Contractual requirements

It's easy to activate UBS Trade Finance Access. All you need is:

  • a UBS bank account,
  • a UBS e-banking contract,
  • a contractual appendix governing the use of UBS Trade Finance Access.

Technical requirements

No special software installations are necessary in order to be able to use UBS Trade Finance Access. The following minimum technical specifications apply:

Comprehensive support from UBS

Getting started is easy because UBS provides everything you need:

  • User manual,
  • UBS e-banking: technical support via 24-hour hotline,
  • UBS Trade Finance Access: technical support and specialist advice from your sales advisor.