Forwarding a bank guarantee
Notification of a guarantee

Guarantees can, for identification and transmission purposes, be notified to the beneficiary via a third-party bank, normally in the beneficiary's country of domicile. This is primarily done electronically via SWIFT. The notifying bank does not enter into any direct guarantee obligations.

Guarantee from a third-party bank in your favour:
Naturally, the guarantee notification also functions in the opposite direction to the procedure referred to above. We forward the third-party guarantee with no commitment on our part – merely for identification and transmission purposes – to you as the beneficiary. You can avoid uncertainties regarding the content of the guarantee (technical guarantee-related language), the creditworthiness of the bank or the current country risk by requesting that the foreign company with which you are doing business arranges for this guarantee to be issued by a first-rate bank in Switzerland. We're here to answer your questions.