Your relationship with us

The basis of our relationship is your mandate to us. Preferably using the completed order form. This also contains the conditions and information regarding the issuing of bank guarantees. In addition, our general terms and conditions and any other agreed terms shall apply.

Indirect guarantees represent a special situation legally speaking, as foreign law, foreign banking commissions, fees and expenses as well as other country-specific practices and peculiarities are involved. The conditions and information regarding the issuing of bank guarantees contain links to these points.

Our commissions and fees consist of an individual commission, with regard to your client rating with UBS, the collateral available, the type of guarantee (please note that a higher commission rate is charged for 'Financial Guarantees' such as payment guarantees, credit guarantees etc. because the level of capital underpinning required by the FINMA is much higher than for performance guarantees) and its term. As a rule, fees are calculated on a quarterly basis or a portion thereof and are debited in advance for a specified period (usually four quarters or for the entire guarantee term). The commission is a minimum of CHF 300 and CHF 75 per quarter or a portion thereof.