Trade & Export Finance
The right documents for the order or inquiry

Imports, exports or securing through a bank guarantee: Here you will find the right documents for your order or query. If you have any questions, our client advisors will be glad to help you.

Documentary credits


Submission of documents

D (PDF, 171 KB), E (PDF, 312 KB), F (PDF, 314 KB)

First, Second and Sole Bill of Exchange

E (PDF, 89 KB)



Proposal for Importer's Request to issue a D/C:




  • not confirmed

E (PDF, 185 KB)



  • confirmed

E (PDF, 135 KB)



Application forms for the issuance of a Documentary Credit:




  • Road, Rail, Courier, Postal or Inland Waterway Transport

E (PDF, 249 KB)



  • Sea Transport

E (PDF, 762 KB)



  • Air Transport

E (PDF, 247 KB)



  • Multimodal Transport

E (PDF, 248 KB)



  • General Information on How to Complete the Application form for Documentary Credits

D (PDF, 408 KB), E (PDF, 623 KB), F (PDF, 624 KB)



Applicant's instructions to amend a Documentary Credit

E (PDF, 136 KB)



Application to transfer a Documentary Credit

E (PDF, 106 KB)

Documentary collection


Order for Documentary Collection

D (PDF, 90 KB), E (PDF, 93 KB), F (PDF, 94 KB)



First, Second and Sole Bill of Exchange

E (PDF, 87 KB)

Bank guarantees


Order for the issue of a bank guarantee with conditions and information on the back

D (PDF, 537 KB),   E (PDF, 544 KB),   F (PDF, 545 KB)



Order to change a bank guarantee

D (PDF, 91 KB), E (PDF, 88 KB), F (PDF, 87 KB)

Export financing


inquiry about export financing

D (PDF, 171 KB), E (PDF, 202 KB), F (PDF, 207 KB)