Fees and charges

Documentary Credits in import and export operations

Import / Export

Issuance / Advising a credit

10 bp, min. CHF 200 , max. CHF 1500

Commitment / Confirmation (charged on a pro rata basis, including deferred payment period)

dependent on the risk profile,
min. CHF 300

Availment (per set of documents presented)

20 bp, min. CHF 300

Additional fees and charges

Postage and telecommunications

actual costs

Pre-advising a credit

CHF 100


CHF 200

Deferred payment/monitoring

CHF 200

Financing (on top of interest charges)

CHF 300


10 bp, min. CHF 200, max. CHF 1500

'Special handling' (includes cancellation, endorsements, tracers, discrepancy, advisory, etc.)

CHF/h 200, min. CHF 100

UBS reserves the right to change the conditions cited in this schedule without prior notice and with immediate effect. Please note that the information contained herein has been compiled to provide a general outline of prices. Please inquire for further details.

10 bp (basis points) = 0.1%.