Attachments to the financing application

Balance sheets/profit and loss account of the past three years

As a rule, we only grant commercial financing within the scope of financing potential based on cash flow. We use the cash flow as a basis to determine whether your company earns enough to pay interest on and repay the credit amount. To do so, we need the balance sheets and profit and loss accounts of the past three years.

Audit reports of the past three years

If your company is subject to a mandatory audit then we require the audit reports of the past three years. If your company is not subject to a mandatory audit, then your annual financial accounts and the associated documents must be signed by the persons entrusted with company management (in accordance with Swiss Code of Obligations 961). Please ensure that these signatures are on the documents. This will save you any delays caused if we need to obtain the signatures mandatory for the credit review after the documents have been submitted.

Current debt collection report (not older than three months)

A thorough credit check includes information on any debt collection proceedings. As a company listed in the Commercial Register, you can obtain these documents at the debt collection office of your legal domicile.

On the web:

Additional documents, if available

If available, please submit the following additional documents:

  • Budget/liquidity planning
  • Business plan/concept
  • Illustration of group organization (organizational charts, ownership structure)
  • Tax returns of the owner of the company (for the legal form "sole propriertorship")

The more we know about your company, the better we can advise you. Additional company documents (sales brochures, etc.) are also extremely helpful.

All your information will of course be treated in the strictest confidence.