UBS Supply Chain Finance requirements

  • Buyer is a Swiss domiciled registered operative company and has an existing credit relationship with UBS.
  • Buyer disposes of about ten or more suppliers with relevant financing needs and their payment terms are minimum 30 and maximum 120 days.
  • In average of four or more transactions per annum for each supplier.
  • Suppliers are domiciled in a country, where no restrictions of financing or payments exist.
  • Supplier will be individually assessed and must be accepted by UBS. UBS obtains a legal- and tax opinion to evaluate the approval of each country (no on-boarding as UBS client).
  • A direct client relationship between supplier and UBS is not required, although possible.





in CHF and all of the most commonly used

Discount rate

LIBOR 90 days + spread (upon request)

Credit Fee Buyer

upon request

Credit Fee Supplier

upon request




by either party at any time

*standard payment and accounting costs will be applied