UBS Finance Flex
Liquidate your receivables

UBS Finance Flex safeguards your liquidity and gives you more financial freedom. The financing automatically adapts to your outstanding receivables, and puts you at an advantage when negotiating with clients and suppliers. The additional liquidity is usually equal to between 60% and 90% of your outstanding invoices.

Key points

  • Your total lending book averages more than 100,000 Swiss francs

  • You have at least 20 active debtors

  • You have an established debtor management process and systematic reminders procedure

  • Immediate credit limit in return for the assignment of receivables

  • Credit limit automatically adjusts to the amount invoiced

  • Stronger position for rebate and discount negotiations with suppliers

  • Competitive advantage thanks to longer payment deadlines

  • You retain sole contact with the customer thanks to undisclosed assignment