UBS Factoring
Waste no time monetizing your

UBS Factoring gives you more financial freedom by allowing you to assign or sell your outstanding receivables to us. In return, we provide you with a credit limit or advance payment, and take care of managing your debtors for you if required.

UBS Factoring Flex

UBS Factoring Flex allows you to simplify your accounts receivables administration and improve your financial flexibility.

UBS Factoring Flex Rise

Young, operational companies can use UBS Factoring Flex Rise to make their debtor administration easier and give them more financial freedom.

UBS Finance Flex

UBS Finance Flex safeguards your liquidity while giving you more freedom.

UBS Purchase Flex

UBS Purchase Flex offers you an attractive refinancing solution in the form of selling your receivables.

UBS Supply Chain Finance

With UBS Supply Chain Finance we offer you a financing solution that focuses on the starting point of your value chain – the purchase of goods.