UBS SWIFT for Corporates
The modern access route to the
financial services industry

Your direct link to SWIFT. The "UBS SWIFT for Corporates" service provides companies operating internationally with a secure, reliable and direct route to the financial services industry. UBS supports all access models offered by SWIFT such as SCORE, MA-CUG and TRCO.


SCORE – Standardised Corporate Environment

  • For listed companies
  • For the exchange of messages with all participating financial institutions
  • The services and messaging facilities supported are defined by the respective financial institution on the basis of the SCORE Implementation Guide

MA-CUG – Member Administrated Closed User Group

  • For all corporate clients who have a direct SWIFT connection but do not meet the criteria for participation in SCORE
  • For the exchange of SWIFT message types for which a MA-CUG agreement has been concluded with SWIFT


For the exchange of currency and option transaction confirmations with all financial institutions in the SWIFT network

The key benefits to you

  • Maximum reliability and security thanks to the SWIFTNet infrastructure

  • Worldwide accessibility of all SWIFT participants

  • A gateway for all messages and member financial institutions

  • No need for several systems to be maintained thanks to standardized access

  • Optimized processing and enhanced STP (Straight Through Processing) process via universally recognized formats

  • Reduced risk and lower costs


  • Technical connection to SWIFT
    - Maintenance of own SWIFT gateway, or
    - Use of a financial institution's SWIFT gateway, or
    - Communication via Service Bureau

  • Contract with SWIFT

  • SCORE or MA-CUG agreement with UBS


Regardless of the number of financial institutions connected, a fixed annual fee of EUR 2,000 is charged by SWIFT.

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