UBS Multibanking Services

UBS Multibanking Services facilitate payment transactions both in Switzerland and abroad with a number of different banks. You can take care of your payments though a single interface by linking your foreign bank accounts to your usual cash management application.

UBS KeyDirect Multibanking

Use UBS KeyDirect Multibanking to process all your payment transactions through one channel. UBS KeyDirect enables you to manage all your UBS and third party bank accounts directly from your business software, giving you as much information as possible about your accounts and payment transactions.


  • Send payment orders debited against your accounts held at a third party bank
  • Access account information about your third party bank accounts via UBS KeyDirect

Major advantages

  • Wide range of information about your third party bank accounts
  • Account information integrated into your business software

Alternative product

UBS Third Party Multibanking

Third Party Multibanking allows you to manage UBS accounts via SWIFT.
You can use your normal interface with a third party bank to carry out UBS payment transactions and receive account information.

Account management via SWIFT

Have your updated UBS account data sent to your third party bank using the SWIFT network.


  • Manage your UBS accounts via a third party bank
  • Send payment orders debited against your UBS accounts via your third party bank
  • Receive UBS account information at your third party bank

Major advantage

UBS accounts managed via your third party bank

Alternative product

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